Lord and Taylor Credit Card

Chances are that if you ever happen to walk into a Lord and Taylor you will not be able to leave there without seriously wanting something that they are offering. Whether it is an item that is on sale or not, the prices and deals always seem to keep the customers of Lord and Taylor coming back for more. Then, when you factor in the Lord and Taylor Credit Card and its financing options, you are really in for an even better shopping experience.

The avid fans of Lord and Taylor are more likely to quickly understand the benefit of having the Lord and Taylor Credit Card than other consumers. If you haven't already visited their stores and purchased anything, you might have a harder time to understand just how great the quality of their items are. Their benefits of having the Lord and Taylor Credit Card are really a step beyond what most merchandisers are doing at this time. For example, with the Lord and Taylor Credit Card you aren't going to have to worry about clipping coupons. When you use your Lord and Taylor Credit Card you are going to be automatically given the discount right away. Also, as another exclusive benefit of having the Lord and Taylor Credit Card, you will get to know before the public does about upcoming sales.


When you first sign up and get approved for your Lord and Taylor Credit Card you will get 15% off on your first full day’s worth of purchases. This is different from most retailer cards because they tend to give you only the very first transaction with their cards. Lord and Taylor has jumped ahead of the competition by appreciating its customers with a whole days worth of purchases. Therefore, if you bought something that morning and remembered something else you wanted later in the day you can still get 15% again.

Lord and Taylor has blazed a new trail in the retail ever since they first came on the retail scene. As we mentioned earlier, there aren't many people who can actually walk through their stores without seeing lots of things that they would love to have from Lord and Taylor. With their financing options offered through the Lord and Taylor Credit Card, you can really get everything you could ever want from their stores and then some more. Then to add to their incentives they offer a Premier version of their card. The Lord and Taylor Credit Card-Premier is offered for those customers who are very serious spenders and are spending a minimum of $1,500 a year with their original Lord and Taylor Credit Card. Spending seriously doesn't necessarily mean spending big with Lord and Taylor. Spending seriously is more of a way to say that if you are someone who takes advantage of every great deal you can from Lord and Taylor, you are a much more serious consumer of their products and is actually a great thing. If we have just described you in this article, we suggest you go ahead and use the apply link we have provided here in this article and get your Lord and Taylor Credit Card right away.